50 – Liberty (Libertas)

The Utah series culminates its timeline in the Lady Virtue Libertas, or Liberty, depicted as a perfected, angelic woman, having reached a fullness of blessings through the proper employment of Liberty in life. This design is rich with symbols, including the torch in her right hand symbolizing enlightenment, an overflowing cup in her left to […]

25 – Victoria (Victory)

The 25 Goldback Design depicts the Lady Virtue Victoria, or Victory, primarily in celebration of Women’s rights to vote. This is actually the first Goldback design to ever have been done. It was the artist’s audition piece for the series. Victory bears a banner that states “Votes Counting Since 1870”, nodding to the fact that […]

10 – Justitia (Justice)

Justitia, or Justice, is the virtue that appears on Utah’s 10 Goldback Design. She is cast in the southern region of Utah, with Balancing Rock and the iconic red cliffs in the background. She is depicted wearing the period settler’s sunday best attire, supposedly a few years after Utah was settled. She is equipped traditionally […]

5 – Veritas (Truth)

Veritas, or Truth, is shown on the 5 Utah Goldback Design. She is depicted as a Utah pioneer, nodding to the great migration that the first settlers of Utah took part in to arrive in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. With windblown hair, she holds a lantern high with her right hand, casting light […]

1 – Prudentiae (Prudence)

The Utah Goldback Series begins with the 1 Goldback Design, and it is loaded with different symbols and cultural nods. The virtue Prudentiae, or Prudence, is featured here as a Native American woman, having many items and attributes traditionally attributed to coming from each of the five most prominent Native American tribes in Utah, namely: […]