50 Goldback Denomination; New Hampshire Design – Libertas

Libertas, or Liberty, makes her capstone appearance again in the New Hampshire 50 Goldback Denomination Design. Here she stands in White Mountain National Forest and is shown with the three elements of New Hampshire’s original seal, namely the bundle of five arrows she is holding, the fish that are embroidered on her dress, and the […]

25 Goldback Denomination; New Hampshire Design – Fortitudine

Fortitudine, or Fortitude, makes her second appearance in a Goldback series in New Hampshire’s 25 Goldback Denomination design. She is clothed in a military coat of a minute-man, and is wearing a dress that includes the vertical red and white stripes that were used by the early rebel colonists, which were ultimately included horizontally in […]

10 Goldback Denomination; New Hampshire Design – Prospicientia

Prospicientia, or Foresight, makes her debut on the New Hampshire 10 Goldback Denomination design. She is found sitting atop a cannon on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean with Fort Constitution (formerly Fort William and Mary) across the bay. This setting is historically important as it depicts the moments after New Hampshire’s Sons of Liberty […]

5 Goldback Denomination; New Hampshire Design – Veritas

New Hampshire’s 5 Goldback design is the second time that Veritas, or Truth, makes an appearance. She is depicted here wearing a colonial dress, offering the light of a candle, and walking along a path that leads to a covered bridge over a foggy river. She symbolizes the light of truth and offers that light […]

1 Goldback Denomination; New Hampshire Design – Gratia

In her first appearance on a Goldback series, Gratia, or Grace, is featured on the New Hampshire 1 Goldback Denomination. She is depicted as an Abanaki Native American woman from the Algonquin tribes, who have history in the area. She is wearing a traditional dress and beads in front of an Abenaki wigwam. She is […]

50 Goldback Denomination; Nevada Design – Libertas

Libertas, or Liberty, the capstone Virtue design of each U.S. based Goldback series, makes her second appearance here under a starry Nevada night sky. Here, in the peaks of the Sierra Nevadas, she is depicted as biblical Eve, mother of the human race, patterned somewhat after a statue of Aphrodite from Ceasar’s Palace, Las Vegas. […]

25 Goldback Denomination; Nevada Design – Fortitudine

Fortitudine, or Fortitude, is the third, and final new virtue that debuts in the Nevada Goldback Series. She is patterned after Nike, the greek winged goddess of Victory. A driving theme for this piece is “Fortitude brings Victory over Vice”, as can be seen illustrated with the bobcat pouncing on a “land crocodile”, the tortoise. […]

10 Goldback Denomination; Nevada Design – Justitia

Justitia, or Justice, makes her second appearance as a Virtue on Nevada’s 10 Goldback Design. Notably, she is not blindfolded, but rather wears a veil that is pulled back from her face. Here, she is patterned after the statue of Justice as she appears on the Virginia City, Nevada, Storey County Courthouse. At the time […]

5 Goldback Denomination; Nevada Design – Sophia

Another Virtue’s debut appearance is found on Nevada’s 5 Goldback Denomination. The Virtue Sophia, or Wisdom, makes her first appearance here as Athena. Sophia represents divine inspiration and progress, and is found surrounded by numerous Nevada specific symbols, inventions, technologies, and bastions of wisdom. These include: several libraries and university buildings from the University of […]

1 Goldback Denomination; Nevada Design – Caritas

Caritas, or Charity, is the Virtue beautifully featured on Nevada’s 1 Goldback Denomination. This is her first appearance on a Goldback Design, and is notably patterned after a depiction of Mary, the mother of Jesus, in St. Augustine’s Catholic Church in Austin, Nevada. Catholicism is Nevada’s most dominant religion and St. Augustine’s is the oldest […]